2002-08-08: The demo server has been taken down

During the two weeks the demo server was up and running it not only managed to survive a Slashdotting, but also turned into a very small chat room. People would write stuff onto the C64 screen for others to read. One day, I found the following quote typed on top of the screen, apparently written by some bloke called Pl0k who once was a skilled Wizball player:
As a kid I used to leave my C64 on and wait to see if, by some unknown reason, someone would try to communicate with me by typing messages on the screen. Now for you, it's a reality! Best thing I've ever seen!

The old page:

The on-line demonstration is avaliable at:


The demo server is a Commodore 64 equipped with a TFE Ethernet cartridge.

If your browser is Java enabled, it is also possible to directly access the demos through the URLs below:



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