The Final Ethernet - Pictures

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The Final Ethernet - Pictures

The TFE cartridge, top view.

The TFE cartridge, from below.

The TFE cartridge, plugged in.

The TFE cartridge, close-up.

The TFE cartridge, from the side.

The Datasette cassette player.

The C64 server setup.

The proud creators, Adam to the left and Peter to the right.

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Latest News

Jens Schönfeld has made another production run of the RetroReplay cartridge together with the RR-Net Ethernet cards! See his announcement for details and some pictures of the hardware. The RR-Net kits are distributed with a version of Contiki on a 5.25" disk.

Jens Schönfeld have announced that he will manufacture and sell C64 Ethernet cards for the RetroReplay cartridge! The cards will be available at the end of the summer for 50 EUR. A Contiki driver is already written and have been tested with the card!