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Jens Schönfeld has made another production run of the RetroReplay cartridge together with the RR-Net Ethernet cards! See his announcement for details and some pictures of the hardware. The RR-Net kits are distributed with a version of Contiki on a 5.25" disk.

Jens Schönfeld have announced that he will manufacture and sell C64 Ethernet cards for the RetroReplay cartridge! The cards will be available at the end of the summer for 50 EUR. A Contiki driver is already written and have been tested with the card!

A web server running on a TFE-equipped C64 has been set up at!

Amund Gjerde Gjendem have adapted his TFE to work with the Oric computer. See photos here.

An article in about the TFE Ethernet cartridge: "TFE" Netzwerkkarte fur den C64 (German)

Some software which makes use of TFE: The Internet-enabled Contiki Operating System and Desktop Environment for the C64. It includes a web server, telnet client and web browser.

Amund Gjerde Gjendem has designed and built a, fully working, revised TFE cartridge. His design includes some extra jumpers which makes it possible to confine the CS8900a to a smaller address interval than the whole $DEXX. His layouts are avaliable on the hardware page.

The C64 VNC server has been taken down because I need my TFE for transfering some stuff between my C64 and the PC at home.

We successfully demonstrated TFE and the uVNC server at LCP2002.

The streaming audio server has been taken down. It will be replaced with the C64 VNC server.

The server was unfortunately down for a few days because of the broken power cable.

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section was added.

Our server has very unfortunately rebooted because of a bad power cable. This lead to loss of all access statistics. At the time of the reboot, we had served 170000 pages to nearly 50000 visitors.

It has now been two days since our C64 server was mentioned on Slashdot, and contrary to some reports it was never taken off the net. In two days, it has served nearly 140000 web pages to over 30000 visitors and have therefore been a bit hard to reach at times. Please note that the correct address for our server is

Our C64 server was mentioned on the popular news site

TFE first announced.

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